FiLMIC Evaluator

This evaluator tool has been designed to analyze your device’s camera capabilities and determine if a FiLMiC Android video product may be right for you. By scrolling through the list of features in the evaluator you will see which are supported by each app on your exact device.

FIlmic Plus

FiLMiC Plus is a new video app which provides the familiar FiLMiC look, feel and capability for even more Android devices. FiLMiC Plus is optimized for use on earlier Android devices or for those customers that do not require all of the additional features of our full FiLMiC Pro solution.

FIlmic Pro for Android

FiLMiC Pro is the gold standard of mobile video and was recently used to film the Sundance hit “TANGERINE”. The 2x iOS Video Camera App of the Year, FiLMiC Pro has come to the Android platform.

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