The Team

Neill Barham

Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur Neill Barham is the guiding vision behind FiLMiC Inc. Under his leadership FiLMiC Pro has garnered 2 Video Camera App of the Year Awards and a place on Tap! Magazine’s 50 Best Apps of All Time. Neill has spoken or taught at conventions, workshops and masterclasses all over world. Neill’s driving ambition is to bring accessible, world class storytelling tools to creative individuals in every corner of the globe.

John Clem


John Clem is a world class iOS developer, leading Swift instructor and writer with his own blog Before joining FiLMiC Inc., John founded and developed one of FiLMiC Pro’s best competitors, CinePro, along with Bezel Photo and a handful of open-source projects on Github. John is a skilled code teacher, formerly with Code Fellows and now with General Assembly as well as a contributor and technical editor for

Kevin Buonagurio


Kevin is a 15 year veteran of the software development industry, with background in software support, operations, project management, product management, design, and both technical and business process consulting. His involvement in projects large and small, custom, enterprise and mobile brings a unique point of view to the FiLMiC Inc. team.

Chris Cohen

Lead UX Designer

Chris has published several independent iOS apps and contributed to projects in the Voodle, ePaisa, and Random House catalogs. Notably, Chris co-authored “Cool-iOS-Camera”, one of the most popular open source camera apps for the iOS platform. Beyond the scope of software and design, his preeminent passion is film photography. And like any sensible photographer, Chris knows that a good camera has only one worthwhile feature: the ability to capture the soul of it’s subject.

Matt Voss

Senior iOS Framework Engineer

Our resident Algorithmics Engineer, Matthew approaches research and development with pragmatism and a refreshing disdain for convention. Before joining FiLMiC Inc, Matthew was a iOS developer and consultant whose focus ranged from simulation engineering to early childhood education applications.

Daniel Hernández

Lead Android Engineer

With a background in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Automation, Daniel brings a unique perspective to the mobile app industry. His passion is to bring technology closer to people and change the way professionals work forever. Before joining FiLMiC Inc., Daniel worked creating state-of-the-art home automation technology for several companies in the United States and overseas, and developed bioinformatics tools at the University of Washington.

Esteban Rodriguez

Senior Android Engineer

Esteban has a Master Degree in Automatics and Robotics. Always learning new skills, he soon expanded his skill set to include Android development. After deploying several apps on the Play Store, he joined FiLMiC Inc, where he has teamed up in order to bring the best FiLMiC Experience to the Android users.

Eve Denison

UX Designer

Eve Denison is a front-end iOS Developer. Eve comes to FiLMiC with a background in interdisciplinary arts, emphasis on photography, and ten years in the mental health field as a clinical social worker. This diverse background has given her a dynamic skillset. Creativity is her passion, and being able to develop products that allow others to harness their own creative abilities has brought her to the FiLMiC team.

Eliot Fitzroy

Education Coordinator

Eliot is a film school graduate with a passion for teaching and learning. He has worked in the education sector for the past 13 years and became an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2009 based on his work creating film festivals with high school students. As well as his work in the classroom, Eliot created the popular Youtube channel Epic Tutorials which has helped over 3 million mobile filmmakers get the most out of their apps.

Susan Roderick

Content Creative

Susan Roderick is a globally recognized personality in the creative community after 5 years as one of the original hosts of the online education network, CreativeLive. Susan excels at travel photography, video, editing and web design. Her mission is to educate and inspire a new generation of FiLMiC creatives through her tutorial and content initiatives.

Jack Davis

Product Advisor

Jack Davis is a founding member of the Photoshop Hall of Fame, a bestselling and award winning author and a renowned international speaker for both Adobe and Apple. One of the first people in the world with a terminal degree in creative computer imagery and a founding partner in 4 computer graphics companies, Jack is world class expert in filter design and one of the top instructors at

Kate Hailey

Social Media

Kate Hailey is one of the foremost pioneers in mobile photography with her own blog at Kate formerly led customer support and partner relationships at CreativeLive before joining the FiLMiC team. In addition to being the newest member of the content team, Kate leads workshops and photowalks on all things mobile as well as participates in multiple “365” mobile projects.


MASHABLE: Olivia Wilde directs Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros video, beautifully filmed on iPhone 6S.

Mar 10, 2016

Olivia Wilde directs Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros video, beautifully filmed on iPhone 6S. “When actress Olivia Wilde offered to direct the latest music video…she had something unique in mind.”

BBC: Tangerine: IPhone movie shows Hollywood’s unseen side

Nov 13, 2015

Tangerine…”the story of two transgender prostitutes in Los Angeles, is remarkable not just because it shows a side of Hollywood rarely portrayed in the cinema, but because the film was shot on iPhones.”

NEWSWEEK: Nine Great Movies From 2015 That Were Completely Ignored By The Oscars

Feb 25, 2016

“What a shame the Academy didn’t recognize Tangerine because it’s one of the most subversive and groundbreaking flicks made in recent memory (Shot with) an iPhone, Steadicam and the Filmic Pro app.”

VARIETY: Sundance: Magnolia Pictures Snags Rights to ‘Tangerine’

Jan 27, 2015

The film will get a traditional, nationwide theatrical release later this year. “Tangerine” has generated a great deal of press attention because director Sean Baker and cinematographer Radium Cheung shot the picture using an iPhone.

INDIEWIRE: Watch: ‘Tangerine’ Director Sean Baker is Back Behind the iPhone For Dreamy Short ‘Snowbird’

Feb 8, 2016

How do you follow up a critically acclaimed, award-winning comedy-drama about two transgender prostitutes on the hunt for a cheating pimp? If you’re the virtuoso director Sean Baker, you stick to your gonzo ambitions — which include shooting on an iPhone and creating a diverse story full of nonprofessional actors — for a short film that speaks to that same extraordinary vision.

THE VERGE: How Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros made their new video with an iPhone

Mar 10, 2016

“No Love Like Yours,” the latest video from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, is an evocative, dreamy vision of death and rebirth, set against the unique backdrop of New Orleans. It was also shot entirely on an iPhone 6S Plus. Utilizing a cobbled-together camera rig and an app called Filmic Pro — the same one used to shoot last year’s festival favorite Tangerine — actress-turned-director Olivia Wilde and her team turned Apple’s smartphone into a 4K filmmaking machine, proving once again that the most ubiquitous piece of technology in our daily lives is also a creative tool with shockingly impressive potential.

WIRED: FiLMiC Pro Gives You Control Of Your iPhone’s Video Camera

Sep 6, 2011

THE IPHONE MAKES a great camera, but does it make a great film camera? Now, with FiLMiC Pro, it does. The app is somewhat like Camera+, only for video (and without all the fancy Hipstamatic-style FX).

YAHOO NEWS: Download this app right now: Incredible FiLMiC Pro app for iPhone and iPad is now free

Apr 28, 2014

Cinegenix’s App Store description for its FiLMiC Pro video camera app begins with a shockingly bold statement. According to the company, its iOS app “beat the $5000 Sony FS100 and tied the $13,000 Canon C300 in blind audience testing” in a recent video camera shootout. Even more shocking, perhaps, is that the quality of videos captured using its popular iPhone and iPad app is so good that we absolutely believe that claim.

TECH CRUNCH: Apple Gets Serious About The iPad’s Creative Power In New Ad

Jan 12, 2014

Apple Gets Serious About The iPad’s Creative Power in New Ad: The Apple iPad Air features the FiLMiC Pro app on two of the stories. The story of the filmmaker shooting the waterfall is one.

MAC WORLD: FiLMiC Pro for iPhone review

APR 18, 2012

FiLMiC Pro is an outstanding video app that…has an impressive and complex array of features, but an easy-to-use interface that ensures even amateurs will be able to use it.

ALC: Shooting, Lighting, and Adding Audio on iOS for the Big Time, for Fun, or Anything In Between

MAY 23, 2014

Shooting, Lighting, and Adding Audio on iOS for the Big Time, for Fun, or Anything In Between: “…Download the Filmic Pro app…the best app for shooting high quality video on IOS devices…”

The Telegraph

“…The behind-the-scenes documentary shows how the team used the phone and apps including FiLMiC Pro, and then the iPad’s iMovie and Photos assemble the short film.”


Filmic Pro for iPhone: Like Whoa, Your iPhone Video Camera Is All Professional Now: “…if you wanted to stop being an amateur and use some real tools for video recording, Filmic Pro is what you need.”


FiLMiC Pro – The Gold Standard of Mobile Videography: “FiLMiC Pro is one of the most popular and feature rich iPhone videography apps out there right now. Winner of a ‘Best App Ever’ award…

ET Canada

Olivia Wilde Directs Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros’ New iPhone Music Video, ‘No Love Like Yours.’ “Setting the traditional film camera aside, Wilde turns to the iPhone 6s Plus…”

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