Welcome to our new FiLMiC Pro website and our new blog.

I greatly appreciate your interest in FiLMiC Pro and want to take a moment to tell you about our goals and how we got to where we are today. Simply put, we want to empower creativity, to anyone with a vision striving to be seen, with the most powerful and expressive tools we can possibly build. Then, as we have for the past 3 years, we want to listen to our community of users, gather around the white board, and build a better app: each time giving our FiLMiC users more value for the money.

Now for a little story of how we got here. The iPhone 4 with its 720p HD video was a revelation for me. As independent filmmakers, we were taken with the quality of the new device. We had early discussions about a B-Roll camera app that was good enough to contribute an occasional shot toward higher end production featuring the ever changing, must have high end camera of the moment. But the more I lived with the early beta versions of the app, the more I loved shooting exclusively with it, the less I cared about those more expensive cameras, and the more I realized FiLMiC Pro had the potential to be much, much more than a B-Roll camera app. FiLMiC Pro had the potential to be an A Camera for the world, for the legions of want to be storytellers spread across the globe who up until now had neither the means nor access to more expensive gear and would in all likelihood never have a shot at the high end “must have” camera of the moment.

Thus began an obsessive journey: to condense as much of the potential image quality, functionality and manual control available on these higher end cameras as possible into FiLMiC Pro, offering exceptional value for the money and more importantly, an opportunity for anyone, myself included, to capture their vision, express themselves and share it with the world. In closing, there can be no adequate way to express the gratitude I feel, repeatedly, when watching the videos our global FiLMiC community has created. Each precious in their own way. A voice yearning to be heard.

To use but one example, the wonderful, burgeoning filmmaking career of Conrad Mess, from rural Spain, who always dreamed of being a filmmaker, and never had the means until the iPhone and FiLMiC Pro came along, and now many festival award winning films later, there is simply no way anyone can deny the talent, the artistry and the uniquely dark and comic vision of Conrad Mess. And that is as it should be. Now it’s your turn: Let the world see what you can do!