Bentley Motors shot the ad for their $300,000 car with an iPhone app. How cool is that? Granted it took a lot of other important gear to make a production like this possible. Starting with an iPhone 5 and the best video recording app, FiLMiC Pro. The team also used beautiful glass made by Schneider Optics in the iPro Lens kit, the Beast Grip and the powerful MoVI 5 made by Free Fly Systems.

Can you tell it was shot with an iPhone? Would you have even known or would you have thought DSLR possibly? That is the amazing thing about having a video camera in your pocket and a high quality one at that. You can make videos like this one. Yeah, YOU can!

Be sure to watch the entire doc! The last few minutes take you on a tour of New York City with a behind the scenes segment showing how they shot and edited the entire production using mobile devices. The editing was done on an iPad Air in the Bentley’s “in-car connectivity and entertainment platform.” Very Cool!

Schneider Optics

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