This is a promo video the FiLMiC Pro team shot for a client this year. The two grand ships from the Star Clipper fleet meet at sea off the coast of the Caribbean island of Dominica. Four of us shot this footage over the course of week and we had a damn good time doing it too!

The interesting part is that when you watch the video is hard to discern which clips were shot with which device. We shot this with about 7 different types of cameras. The DJI Phantom II drone footage and some other shots were taken with a Go Pro hero 3+. We used a Canon 5D MKII, Nikon 7100, Olympus TG2, Sony NEX6 and last but not least the iPhone 5 and 5s and iPad Mini with FiLMiC Pro.

So watch the video and see if you can tell the difference. The iPhone with FiLMiC Pro holds up against all of these cameras! Pretty cool to know you can shoot your next travel video with just the phone in your pocket.

Star and Royal Meet at Sea from FiLMiC Pro on Vimeo.

The Canon 5D MKII was shot by Susan Roderick and Joao Carlos
The DJI Phantom II drone GoPro Hero 3+ footage was shot by Neill Barham
The other GoPro Hero 3+ footage was shot by Jack Davis
The Nikon 7100, Olympus TG2 and Sony NEX6 footage was also shot by Jack Davis
The FiLMiC Pro footage was shot by Neill, Joao, Jack and Susan