Here’s a brief intro to some of our favorite gear.

For portable lens options there is the iProLens kit by Schneider.
FiLMiC Video Gear | iPro Lens Kit for iPhone

We love using the micro Joby tripod with the iPro Lens Kit.

For less travel and more purpose built filmmaking, great cases would be the mCAM Lite, Smart Phocus and iOgrapher for the iPhone. They make great handheld options, with cold shoe mounts, 35mm lens, threads, 1/4 20s and a flat surface for easy desktop shooting.
FiLMiC Pro Video Gear | Phocus

iOgrapher also make great iPad cases that are just like the iPhone option and offer great handheld shooting with similar mount options.
FiLMiC Pro Video Gear | iOgrapher Mini
For more robust studio shooting the Padcaster offers significantly more mounting options, has a Pro set up with an Apogee Jam for professional XLR microphone input and a durable, industrial design.
FiLMiC Pro Video Gear | Padcaster

MXL and Rode offer great microphone options: from affordable wired lavaliers like the Rode Smartlav to robust shotgun microphones like the MXL 370 or Rode VideoMic Go.
FiLMiC Pro Mobile Video Gear | Rode Smartlav
Don’t forget external battery charges like those from Ankar and a portable external hard drive like a G-Raid Thunderbolt drive or perhaps a cloud based Dropbox Pro account if you will have constant access to Wifi.

That’s a start. Stay tuned to learn more!