Ryan Connolly recently did a great job teaching a three day Guerilla Filmmaking workshop on CreativeLive. He combined the humor of his Film Riot series with his talent as a director, producer, filmmaker, editor and instructor. During the workshop Ryan talked about his favorite iOS video app FiLMiC Pro, which he’s used to film shorts like Operation. We make sure to include Ryan’s films in our portfolio.

Since I am obviously a huge fan of the FiLMiC Pro app myself, I decided to take the opportunity to spread the word about mobile video making. Especially after Ryan dedicated an entire segment to cool “Guerilla” video gear. I thought I would combine the two topics. Mobile video and gear.

One of the perks of being a Host on CreativeLive is the ability to do pre shows like this one! Every day before the workshop begins, CreativeLive runs a short pre-show and this one is featuring all of my favorite mobile video gear for the iPad and iPhone.

The previous FiLMiC Pro blog post lists all the gear featured in this video too.

Here it the list of the video gear again:

iPro Lens Kit
The Padcaster
MXL Wireless Lavs
MXL Shotgun Mic FR-310
Rode Smartlav
Rode Video MicGO
Smart Phocus
ALM M-Cam Lite
Joby Micro Tripod