As a part of the growing mobile filmmaking community we are continually in awe of the work being created on the iPhone. It’s an evolution that brings the opportunity to create fantastic video to the masses. Many of you out there have shared your work with us and we love seeing it.

We have created a pipeline to encourage more of you to share what you’ve produced with FiLMiC Pro. We would like to officially announce the #myFiLMiC hashtag.

Here’s how to submit your content:

1. Submit a link to your video via Twitter and include the hashtag #myFiLMiC
2. The video should be less than 5 minutes
3. The video must be shot with 100% original content, with 75% of that footage being from FiLMiC Pro
4. Music must be licensed and you should have a model release where necessary
5. The video must include a FiLMiC Pro bumper available here

The FiLMiC team will review submissions and periodically do feature articles to share exceptional stories that are submitted. We can’t wait to see what you’ve created!

We would also love to see your behind the scenes footage and images, feel free to tag those on Instagram or Twitter with the same hashtag #myFiLMiC.



Be sure to follow @FiLMiCPro for updates about FiLMiC Pro, filmmaking news, contest announcements and more!

If you have any questions, please feel free to Tweet us or drop a note to