On an early morning drive, I stopped at this viewpoint of downtown Seattle to take some photos. A combination of haze and fog covering the sky made for quite a mood. The haze is an unfortunate result of many Wildfires burning throughout the Pacific Northwest.

While taking some photos I decided to create a FiLMiC 15 clip with my iPhone6+ and the FiLMiC Pro app. This clip was recorded at 1920×1080 at 24fps, without audio. I used a 3 Legged Thing Tripod with the Joby Grip Tight Mount XL for stabilisation. There were ferries and other boats moving throughout Elliott Bay, and I liked the idea of showing a boat moving through the scene, so I waited until this little boat was about to enter the scene and started recording.

Later in the day I sat down to review the clips I’d captured and wanted to do a little editing. I’m new to the world of editing and find the essential tools in the FiLMiC Pro app easy to get started with.

1_filmic menu

Starting from the FiLMiC Library, open a clip you’d like to edit. For this clip I started with the Scissors to trim the clip to 15 seconds. Once you are in the clipping menu, tap, hold and drag to the left or right to trim a clip.

3_trim clip

From the clipping menu, I went back to the FiLMiC Pro library to access my newly trimmed clip, you should see the new clip at the top of that menu. Opening the new clip I went to the Sliders as I wanted to adjust:

White Balance

Doing some minor adjustments in each, except saturation, where I went for it, and converted the clip to black and white. I added just a touch of warmth via the white balance slider to achieve this old timey effect. After you make your adjustments you’ll tap that check mark at the top of the menu, then receive a confirmation that you want to apply the changes.



Once processed, the saves to your FiLMiC Library. From there you can save it to your Camera Roll, or share on any various social media channels. What a quick and easy way to create your clips for Instagram or other social platforms!

Speaking of sharing your content. Have you heard about #myFILMiC Yet?

#myFiLMiC is a community hashtag for sharing content you create with the FiLMiC Pro app, along with what you’re creating we’d love to see any behind the scenes footage and photos too. Check out more details on that over on the #myFiLMiC page.

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~ kate