This past September we released FiLMiC Pro v5: the lightest, fastest, most intuitive version of FiLMiC Pro ever, completely rewritten in Apple’s latest coding language Swift 2. We were thrilled at the opportunity to offer FiLMiC Pro users an authentic 4K experience with our usual commitment to higher quality imaging with a 75mbps FiLMiC Quality encoding and a fantastic 100mbps FiLMiC Extreme option for high end users.

Our 4K implementation for the newest devices engendered some unfortunate anomalies which affected the reliability of our audio synch with 2K and 3K resolutions on older devices. A key feature we had been rolling out successfully in external beta throughout the summer. We knew we needed to make the hard decision to pull 2k/3k support on devices that cannot support 2k/3k natively in video. This leaves only the 6s series with support for 2k/3k (and 4k) in the current 5.0.2 build.

Since our preferred approach to 2k/3k video resolutions on older devices is to avoid “up-res’ing” at all cost (a practice by which a high def 1080p resolution clip is scaled up to a 2k/3k size and then the pixel clarity is softened to achieve a reasonably good satisfactory look that is not true 2k/3k), and presently our true 2K and 3K resolution on older devices are suffering audio drift due to the anomalies with our iOS9 4k pipeline fr the newer devices,we are going to be reintroducing 2k/3k as professional video modes in the next update for 5s, 6 and 6+.

These will be video-only modes however as it is not possible to offer reliable synched audio with 2k/3k at the moment without “up-res’ing”. After listening to our user base these last few weeks, it is evident that for many of our filmmaking customer base will be happy to see the new implementation as they routinely use separate audio anyway, so we’ll be able to satisfy those use cases quite well.

We thank the FiLMiC fan base for the patience and understanding afforded to us as we have worked through this resolution issue. We are excited to move resolution options in the right direction and will continue to research and deliver innovative functionality to help mobile filmmakers, journalists, videographers and storytellers capture their vision through our lens.