The holidays are upon us. And in celebration of the season we thought it would be fun to share some of our fave accessories for all the iPhone filmmakers out there. Curious about Audio? Lenses? Cases? Stabilisation? We have you covered! Check it all out below.


For Audio there are a ton of mics available on the market, too many to choose from. Here’s a handful of options for you to consider:


IK Multimedia’s iRig Pro – $129.99

MXL MM160 Lavalier Mic

MXL – MM160 Lavalier Mic – $59


RODE VideoMic Me – $59

RODE VIdeoMicro

RODE VideoMicro – $59


RODE SC-7 Adapter Cable

The SC7 is a high-quality shielded patch cable, designed to allow the VideoMic GO and VideoMicro to connect to TRRS compatible devices such as the iPhone or iPad.


iPro Lens

iPro Lens_iPhone6

iPro Lens offers some really nice glass to use with the iPhone. The iPro system has a case which the lenses mount to, so you’re not mucking up your iPhone with magnets or things you’d need to glue to it. The lenses screw in with a bayonet mount. I quite like their kit system, as the lenses fit into a tidy handle, which you can attach to the case for stabilization.

The iPro Lens 3 Lens Kit includes the Phone Case, Macro Lens, Super Wide Lens, 2X Telephoto Lens and the 3 Section Handle.

iPhone 5/5s – $229.99
iPhone 6/6s – $279.99
iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus – $284.00

*Note, since the iPhone 6s/6s Plus is slightly different in size iPro is working on an updated case to fit the new phone.

Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapter


Widen your view with the Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapter. Used in such films as Tangerine!

iPhone 5/5s – $160
iPhone 6/6 Plus – $175
iProLens rig – $175


Cases & Rigs

Curious about adding stabilization to your setup? Consider starting with something like the Beastgrip Pro. The Beastgrip Pro is adjustable and fits most smart phones on the market, which is nice when the sizes change as new models are release.

Beastgrip Pro
Beastgrip Pro – $115.99

If you’re shooting with iPad’s you may want to look at the Padcaster. A rugged frame protects your iPad while shooting. The frame offers a cold shoe, tripod socket, lens brackets and beyond.


Padcaster – iPad 2-4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 1-3 – $399

We also like the iOgrapher cases.


iPhone 5/5s – $49.99
iPhone 6/6s or iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus for $59.99

What’s great about these is immediately you have some stability when you’re shooting, but they also offer tripod mounts if you want to take it to the next level.

Waterproof Housings

If you have any interest in shooting underwater, or in water, you may want to take a look at the Watershot cases. Watershot offers cases for a variety of iPhone sizes, plus filters, and other accessories you may need to shoot under water.


Watershot® PRO Line Housing iPhone® 6/6s+ Black/Limpet Shell – $169.99


Mounts / Monopods / Tripods

Speaking of the next level, consider a gimbal, monopod or tripod. Good video requires a few key components, of course story and composition are essential, but good audio and stabilization

For this there are a variety of options. If you’re working on a smaller scale or want to travel light, take a look at the Joby Grip Tight Mount with Gorillapod. This little guy is great, compact and can be mounted to a variety of surfaces.


Joby Grip Tight Gorillapod – $49.99

Joby offers the Grip Tight mount in two sizes to accommodate smaller and larger iPhones and Smart Phones. These start at just $19.95.

Grip Tight Mount_MicroStand

Joby Grip Tight Mount Only – $19.95 or Joby Grip Tight Mount with Micro Stand – $29.99

If you want something taller, stronger with more flexibility. Move up one more step to a monopod or tripod. Stabilize quick and easy with any of these options !


Benro Aluminum Monopod with Locking Base and S2 Head – $139


3 Legged Thing – Vyv – $169

And the team came across this gimbal and are loving it!


Zhiyun – Z1 Smooth 3 Axis Handheld Gimble – $250


Finally don’t forget some external battery options or a bag to carry it all in!

Anker offers batteries in a variety of shapes and sizes. The higher the amperage the more charges you can get out of the battery.

Anker Astro E1

Anker Astro E1 5200mAh – $15.99

Anker Astro E5

Anker Astro E5 16000mAh – $32.99

All you need for something like this is your standard USB cable. In the box you’ll receive the battery and a charging cable. The batteries can be charged in a variety of USB ports, I’d suggest charging via an outlet, especially for the larger batteries, as they can take a while to charge.

When you’re travelling, when you’re exploring your neighborhood, when you’re on the go, it’s great to have a bag to carry all the lenses, mics, batteries, etc…

Think TANK Photo has been around for quite some time and make some of the best camera bags in the industry.

For the mobile filmmaker, take a peek at the Retrospective 5 or Retrospective 7. These are small, rugged, and hold a lot.


Think TANK Retrospective 5 – $99


Think TANK Retrospective 7 Leather – $229.75

We hope you have a fabulous holiday!

~ the FiLMiC Pro Team