We’ve made many improvements and added some cool features with our recent update, available in the App Store today.

One of the big features we are proud of is support for the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch features include

– Start, Stop, Pause and Resume recording, this includes our Stitch Mode functionality.
– Time code counter
– Audio meter
– Battery and Storage level monitors

Additional FiLMiC Pro update features include:

– Stitch Mode. This enables you to pause and resume a live recording; the resulting sequence of clips are automatically edited together for your convenience.
– New option to desqueeze Moondog Adapter footage in preview only; for professional use where desqueezing in post-production is preferred.
– Hide Reticles With Interface. This gives you a clean preview for monitoring recording.
– Snap focus option for faster focus reticle response for live action shots.
– Color profile editing for 2k/3k/4k on iPhone 6s/6s+.
– Move to Photos (Camera Roll) API support, this is now faster and more reliable.

Banner Fixes

– Library speed and stability improvements.
– 4k image stabilization button reflects stabilization state.
– Intermittent 4k video stutter has been removed.
– Preset fixes for audio options and Moondog Labs adapter.
– ‘Other Archival Options’ support for iPads.

If you are a fan of FiLMiC Pro and are pleased with our commitment to continual quality improvement and feature delivery, or have been pleased by the level of support you’ve received please consider leaving a review on the Apple App Store. Reviews are reset with each update, so if you left a review in the past, please consider posting a new review for the update.

*Please note FiLMiC Pro version 5.0.3 was the last release in support of iOS8, version 5.1 requires iOS 9.