Deathbringer short film by Ryan March
1) What inspired you to make your quarantine-shot short film DEATHBRINGER? 
For me, it was really about staying in the work and remaining creative during the lockdown. I was invited to be a part of a quarantine film competition and decided to make a condensed ten-minute version of a feature script that my team and I have been shopping. 

2) What prompted you to make the decision to shoot with FiLMiC Pro on a smartphone instead of a traditional camera?
A couple of reasons. I work a fair amount on the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema 4K – and when I compare the end result footage from that to the footage on my iPhone XR with FiLMiC Pro, there is little to no difference. The quality of stuff you get when using FiLMiC Pro and a lens package (for me I use a few different Sandmarc Lenses) is absolutely industry standard. Plus, using FiLMiC Pro on a smartphone is so much easier to film on – and you have so much more control of everything literally in the palm of your hand. I firmly believe the future of cinematography is going to be centered around devices like smartphones and software like FiLMiC Pro, so I try to use this combination as much as possible – on both independent stuff as well as commercial projects for big clients.

3) Please describe the experience of shooting your short film with mobile devices and FiLMiC Pro. 
Again, I think it comes down to both the ease and accessibility that the mobile device/FiLMiC Pro combination offers. Without a doubt, it speeds up the workflow exponentially and gives the filmmaker a ton of options to work with in real-time in regard to exposure/saturation/ISO. 

4) What did shooting on a smartphone allow you to do that you otherwise might not have been able to?
It allowed me to run and gun without all of the extra baggage that a filmmaker would normally need IE: lights, cinema lenses, heavy-tripods, cages, rigs, etc. Being able to pair up my Zhiyun Smooth 4 and sync directly with FiLMiC Pro allowed me to capitalize on racking focus, zooming, panning, and being able to create amazing shots with zero help from anyone else. FiLMiC Pro literally allowed me to have anything & everything a filmmaker would need at the tips of my fingers.

5) Where has your film screened to date (festivals, etc.)?
No screenings as of now. As previously mentioned, I made DEATHBRINGER on FiLMiC Pro for a large quarantine film contest – with a lot of talented and fairly established filmmakers shooting on $100,000 plus rigs – and I won the entire contest with my iPhone XR and FiLMiC Pro. I think it’s important for filmmakers both amateur and professional to realize that with this mobile device/FiLMiC combination, you can make studio-quality stuff if you use this software correctly. Sky’s the limit if you can take advantage of all the features FiLMiC Pro Offers. 

6) What is your next project? Where can people find you on the web (website, social handles, etc.)?
I have a handful of projects in various stages of development. The ones worth mentioning are currently under some pretty tight NDA’s and I can’t really discuss, unfortunately, but I am excited to say that one or two of them will bee seeing the light of day hopefully in the near future. All of the projects that I am both producing, and have worked on as an actor are viewable on my IMDB page here: and also on my Instagram page @Ryan_march97.
Filmmaker Ryan March

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