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“Accessibility is important not only to the creator but to all of us, as we learn through stories and communication. A greater breadth of stories leads to a greater sense of understanding.” -Neill Barham, Filmic Inc. founder & CEO

Crisp images, rich colors, balanced light & shadow. Filmic Pro gives everyone the power to shoot and edit dreamy, high-quality video—and we mean everyone. Compatible with VoiceOver—the gesture-based screen reader built into iPhone and iPad—Filmic Pro is among the most accessible video apps available.

Integration with VoiceOver allows for easy toggling through tools, whether you’re a Hollywood director (award-winning filmmakers have shot feature films on iPhone with Filmic Pro) or an amateur creator.

Filmic Inc. founder and CEO Neill Barham, who is hard of hearing, credits his app’s focus on visual accessibility to user feedback, particularly that of Damashe Thomas, who served as lead tester for the VoiceOver integration.

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