The gold standard of mobile video, our iOS version of FiLMiC Pro has been rewritten in Apple’s latest programming language, Swift 2.0. Time and attention has been paid to improving every facet of the app that has been behind films such Sundance hits as Tangerine and The Land. Also available on iOS is FiLMiC Classic, a uniquely configured legacy version of the award winning FiLMiC Pro for older devices and operating systems.


FiLMiC is the leader in mobile video imaging technology. Our philosophy is to democratize filmmaking, mobile journalism and videography. We have built on this vision by now offering two video products to cover the full range of Android customers: FiLMiC Pro and FiLMiC Plus. We also provide a free evaluator app which will help you decide which FiLMiC video app will work best for your device and requirements by analyzing your Android device’s camera capabilities. 

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