How to Get Perfect White Balance in FiLMiC Pro – iOS & Android Tutorial

In this tutorial we show you how to achieve perfect white balance in FiLMiC Pro on both iOS and Android versions of the app. By using a white balance card and the advanced white balance controls found in FiLMiC Pro you can save yourself a lot of hassle in post. White Balance Cards Featured in […]

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How to Import Your FiLMiC Pro Footage to a Mac or PC

Capturing footage on your iPhone or Android device with FiLMiC Pro is easy — but what is the best way to import your video to a computer for editing? This is a question we get all the time in a wide variety of forms: Isn’t iTunes only for Mac? What do I use for FiLMiC Pro on Windows? […]

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Editing in FiLMiC Pro

On an early morning drive, I stopped at this viewpoint of downtown Seattle to take some photos. A combination of haze and fog covering the sky made for quite a mood. The haze is an unfortunate result of many Wildfires burning throughout the Pacific Northwest. While taking some photos I decided to create a FiLMiC 15 […]

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New iPhone Video Tutorial for Beginner’s: What Shots to Get with Your iPhone

This is a FiLMiC Pro Beginner Series Tutorial that will teach you how to get some basic shots using video with your iPhone. Featuring CreativeLive‘s Kenna Klosterman. Shot on a iPhone 6 with FiLMiC Pro using a Rode SmartLav, Joby Griptight Mount and 3 Legged Thing tripod. Audio, video, content and editing by Susan Roderick. […]

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More Tutorials: Shooting Good Video with an iPhone App

The FiLMiC Pro Beginner Tutorial Series continues! Here are two more videos from our series. Getting Started with the Settings Menu This tutorial will teach you a few options in the Settings Menu. You’ll learn how and when to change your resolution, image stabilization and about the Motion FX options. Shot on a iPhone 6+ […]

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Beginner’s Welcome! Learn to Shoot Video with Your iPhone

We know you’ve been waiting for updated FiLMiC Pro tutorials and they are finally here! We’ve done four beginner tutorials for this month. Next month we’ll cover four intermediate tutorials and four advanced tutorials the following month. This is just the beginning, we plan to create more than you can possibly watch in one sitting. […]

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