Tokio Underwater

Director: David Miranda Sema
Runtime: 4:50 minutes
Country: Colombia
Synopsis: A short documentary about Paula Lara, a Colombian Paralympic swimmer who trains daily in a fight against a degenerative sickness known as “Charcot Marie Tooth.”

Wall of Death

Director: Jon Caron
Runtime: 3:02 minutes
Country: United States
Synopsis: A brief look at two aspiring Rebel Hellriders, “Mad De Monet” and “Sondra Staxx,” as they begin their training for the dangerous motorcycle stunt show known as the Wall of Death!

Jane Digby

Director: SJ van Breda
Runtime: 5:00 minutes
Country: South Africa
Synopsis: Passionate about the painting process, oil painter Jane Digby paints quickly and spontaneously in alla prima with a limited but rich colour palette, resulting in expressive and evocative paintings of significance. Jane’s artworks have depth of craftsmanship and emotion that keeps the viewer wanting more, questioning the character or scene behind the complex, layers of paint.

Another Room with a View

Director: Leonor Suárez Rodríguez
Runtime: 4:53 minutes
Country: Jordan
Synopsis: It is not just the city of Firenze that has a room with a view. The old town of Petra has one, too: Shalim’s room. This is its story.

Made in Brittany

Director: Ryan Earl
Runtime: 3:33 minutes
Country: France
Synopsis: Made in Brittany follows the creation process of dancer and drawing artist Caroline Didier. The film explores her places of inspiration in a vibrant and poetic Brittany (France), from Rennes to Saint-Malo via Cap Fréhel.