Sneakers Upcycling

Director: art abordsavoie
Runtime: 3:54 minutes
Country: France
Synopsis: A colorful and vibrant look at the intersection of art, entrepreneurship, and sneaker upcycling.

Dear Jue Jeu

Director: Samantha Seawolf
Runtime: 4:52 minutes
Country: United States
Synopsis: A young woman ruminates on her human experience, through a series of notes to the unknown “Jue Jeu.”

If Only Nothingness Was a Thing

Director: Cintia Taylor
Runtime: 2:52 minutes
Country: Netherlands
Synopsis: A poetic experimental film that follows the troubled mind of a woman battling depression.


Director: Mohamed Hossam El Din
Runtime: 1:15 minutes
Country: Egypt
Synopsis: An impressionistic trip to Nuweiba, a coastal town in the eastern part of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.


Director: Joshua Mensah
Runtime: 3:50 minutes
Country: Ghana
Synopsis: Strength explores the story of a lady who lost her mum amidst trying moments in her life, left to raise her young sibling and fend for herself.


Director: Luis Enrique Romero Ruiz
Runtime: 4:40 minutes
Country: Mexico
Synopsis: Humans must be free.