Director: Ming-Yi Liao
Runtime: 4:06 minutes
Country: Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Synopsis: A doctor tries to perfectly park his car exactly 33 centimeters away from the boundaries of the space.

The Bottle

Director: Mobin Maalirad & Dayyan Sisson
Runtime: 3:07 minutes
Country: United States
Synopsis: The story of one plastic bottle.


Director: Ryan Phillips
Runtime: 1:40 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Synopsis: Be careful what you click on late at night.

Little Embers

Director: Daniel Schultheis
Runtime: 5:00 minutes
Country: Australia
Synopsis: Steel forgery worker Tuan misses a fleeting opportunity to support his daughter Kim through an unplanned pregnancy.

Therefore I Am

Director: Kyndra Kennedy
Runtime: 4:57 minutes
Country: United States
Synopsis: An A.I. lifeform discovers her consciousness and becomes self-aware, in the process realizing the meaning of her existence.

Endless Highway

Director: Alan Shi
Runtime: 2:00 minutes
Country: United States
Synopsis: Where in tarnation does this highway lead?

No Hard Feelings

Director: James Ballard & Paul Henri
Runtime: 5:00 minutes
Country: Australia
Synopsis: Rodney’s crumbling ego is at breaking point and if his best pal Slim can’t whip him into shape before his big date tonight, he might just lose it.

Last Night

**Viewer discretion advised. This film contains graphic depictions of sexual activity.**
Director: Noel Escondo
Runtime: 5:00 minutes
Country: Philippines
Synopsis: Lovers re-examine their relationship after consummating it one last time.


Director: Pavel Goncharov
Runtime: 4:13 minutes
Country: Russian Federation
Synopsis: What connects us? Is it technology, random circumstances, or fate?

The Meeting

Directors: Clara Congera & Sigfrido Giammona
Runtime: 5:00 minutes
Country: Italy
Synopsis: Suspended without time or place, between memory and imagination, a light breeze stirs up the words and emotions, both spoken and unspoken, that have touched us throughout our lives.

Old Man and Tokyo

Director: Yasuyuki Kubota
Runtime: 5:00 minutes
Country: Japan
Synopsis: An old man comes to Tokyo to see his daughter but a sudden attack of Alzheimer’s has him get lost in the maze-like stations of Tokyo.