LMR – Tajni Nauk

Director: Lazar Vladisavljevic
Runtime: 2:47 minutes
Country: Serbia
Synopsis: The latest music video from Serbian rapper LMR.

La Nostra Intersezione

Director: Alessandro Zanuttigh
Runtime: 3:32 minutes
Country: Italy
Synopsis: A boy and a girl find their space (“intersection”) at a home-party.

Pode Contar

Director: Romero Gouw Benitez
Runtime: 3:56 minutes
Country: Brazil
Synopsis: Acoustic Brazilian funk rap song about a poor boy who struggles to get the girl he likes.

Caneras – Bye Bye

Director: Petar Sarenac
Runtime: 2:29 minutes
Country: Malta
Synopsis: A pair of smitten lovers cavort throughout the seaside resort of Popeye Village in Anchor Bay, Malta.

Tu Ere

Director: Vanja Ulepic
Runtime: 3:06 minutes
Country: Dominican Republic
Synopsis: Music video for a song performed by J. Friaz and Melymel.

Snuggle Up

Director: Luis Guanzon
Runtime: 5:00 minutes
Country: United States
Synopsis: Fancy night out on the town? Dinner? Night Club? No! Sometimes a girl just wants to stay in and snuggle up.