La Habana

Director: Paolo Bergamelli
Runtime: 2:13 minutes
Country: Cuba
Synopsis: Take a colorful tour of gorgeous Havana, Cuba.

Sarek Solo Trekking

Director: Philipp Weiler
Runtime: 4:57 minutes
Country: Austria
Synopsis: A long walk through Sarek National Park in Sweden.

Taipei City

Director: Hao Chang
Runtime: 1:24 minutes
Country: Taiwan
Synopsis: Discover the incredible cityscape of Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, rich in modern architecture, historical monuments, convenient transportation, and more.

Three Days in Lhasa

Director: Wong Kan Leong
Runtime: 2:08 minutes
Country: Tibet
Synopsis: Sights and sounds discovered in Lhasa.

One Charmed Day

Director: Luis Antonio DeGuzman Guanzon
Runtime: 4:23 minutes
Country: United States
Synopsis: A series of charmed moments between a woman and her daughter as they explore the city of Baltimore together.