FiLMiC Pro Sizzle Reel

All footage shot with an iPhone or iPad using the FiLMiC Pro App!

Thanks to all of the filmmakers who made this reel possible. Created by the FiLMiC Pro Team. Special thanks to Michael Koerbel. The song is “Coming Down” by Buchanan. We love this song.

Check out all of the full length videos in the order they are shown below:

mCAM: Machined to Inspire:

FiLMiC Pro Mobile All-Stars:

The Nature Of My Comedy:

Bentley Motors Intelligent Details:

Vengeance: An iPhone 4S Short Film:

Buchanan – Coming Down (Official video):

Brothers of Brazil – On My Way (Official Music Video):

All Up To You! – iPhone 5 Musical:

Disassemble To Assemble: or

Vintage Trouble – ” Nancy Lee ” Video feat. Carmit Bachar:

iPhone 6 Short Film: DragonBorne:

The Other Side:

All other clips not listed are FiLMiC Pro Team travel footage.

Project categories: Movies

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