“Tangerine Dreams” Contest Experimental Compilation

Check out this compilation from the “Experimental” submissions to the “Tangerine Dreams” Video Contest from FiLMiC Pro. We create these compilations because we think it’s important to showcase all of the submissions to the FiLMiC Pro contest from our users! So many talented people in the world! Thank you to Triple Scoop Music for the music license: Here are links to the full videos of the submissions for the “Experimental” category. Thank you to all of the contestants! No Spain No Gain The Bronx in Black and White There is One Undone freshX ad Creative Life (D)evolution How To Turn a Top The Bug Home Natural Rhythm of Time You, Dishwasher Lunch Lines Red The Anatomy of Despair The Middle of Everywhere Heavy Water Home The Road Less Traveled – Journey to 26 Avene – City Walk Edited by Susan Roderick

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