“Tangerine Dreams” Contest Fiction Compilation

Watch our FiLMiC Pro compilation from the “Fiction” submissions of the “Tangerine Dreams” Video Contest. We compile some of the best clips from all of the category submissions to create these reels. Not all of the videos below are represented but we like to post them all so you can check them out. It is an honor to have so many talented people using our app and we love to see what you create with your mobile devices. Thank you for being part of it! Thank you to Triple Scoop Music for the music license: Here are links to the full videos of the submissions for the “Fiction” category. Thank you to all of the contestants! How I Became a Movie Theatre Murderer Salloon Lonely Logan Murray’s Run Single to London Once upon a time in the web Dear Journal Short Film Balloon Nachtschicht Metrocard Ink War Meet Me At The Station Papa’s Guitar Ballpoint Houseguest GIRL. LONDON. NIGHT. One On None Rapids on the Hennops Kidnap Who’s Wally Night Ritual Bubbles Don’t Lie Embrasure Mirrored Shades The Activist Stornoway Skyline Happy Ending Edited by Susan Roderick

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