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FiLMiC Pro Video App | User Manual

Total Control

All of the features of video cameras 1000x the price

FiLMiC Pro enables you to create stunning video content with full control and personal customization.

Manual control

Get the exact image you want with full control over focus, exposure and white balance.

Frame Rates

Shoot at 24 fps for a cinematic effect or 25 fps for European broadcast or 30 fps for US broadcast.

Image Quality

FiLMiC’s professional grade 50 mbps Extreme setting stunned Hollywood.

Motion FX

Dramatically express yourself with FiLMiC Pro’s endless list of slow and fast motion FX.


With audio meters, gain control, stereo support and headphone monitoring, FiLMiC Pro ensures you get the whole story.


Use Dropbox or FTP server targets to share or upload content to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter.


Share your FiLMiC Pro projects with us! Follow us on Twitter @FiLMiCPro & tweet us your video! Use the hashtag #FiLMiCProContest

Short Films

Used by more grand prize festival winners than any other video app.

Music videos

Perfect for studio work, live concert footage or music videos.

Mobile Journalism

Featured Circom training tool used by news organizations the world over.

Empowering creativity for 1 million+ users in 148 countries!


The latest and greatest on the FiLMiC Pro Blog

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CreativeLive | Great Video Gear for the iPhone and iPad

Ryan Connolly recently did a great job teaching a three day Guerilla Filmmaking workshop on CreativeLive. He combined the humor of his Film Riot series with his talent as a director, producer, filmmaker, editor and instructor. During the workshop Ryan talked about his favorite iOS video app FiLMiC Pro, which he’s used to film shorts […]

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Best Video Gear for iPhones and iPads

Here’s a brief intro to some of our favorite gear. For portable lens options there is the iProLens kit by Schneider. We love using the micro Joby tripod with the iPro Lens Kit. For less travel and more purpose built filmmaking, great cases would be the mCAM Lite, Smart Phocus and iOgrapher for the iPhone. […]

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Caribbean Islands Sailing with  iPhone

Caribbean Sailing | Shoot Your Travel Video with Your iPhone

This is a promo video the FiLMiC Pro team shot for a client this year. The two grand ships from the Star Clipper fleet meet at see off the coast of the Caribbean island of Dominica. Four of us shot this footage over the course of week and we had a damn good time doing […]

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Still not convinced you need FiLMiC Pro?

Upcoming 4.0 Features

Full Manual Control

Full manual control over Focus, Color Temperature, Tint, Exposure Compensation, ISO, and Shutter Speed.

Shoot Up to 240 fps

Record both fast capture footage at 240 fps or create great slow motion fx with support for the 240 fps on the iPhone 6 and 6+

2K Resolutions

Shoot in stunning 2K resolutions at 24, 25 or 30 fps in multiple aspect ratios.

17:9 DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative)

New 17:9 DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) aspect ratio which most closely resembles the 1.85:1 aspect ratio of traditional 35mm film stock.

Anamorphic Adapter Support

Shoot high resolution widescreen (2.40:1) using ALL the iPhone pixels with Moondog Optics Anamorphic Adapter and FiLMiC Pro.

Image Adjustment Tools

Control contrast, saturation, sharpness, exposure adjustment and color temperature with our post grading tools.

Action Slider

Access 3rds guide, audio meter, audio gain control, advanced zoom controls and more from the new Camera View action slider.

New Aspect Ratios

More throwback aspect ratios than ever: featuring Cinemascope, Super 35, Letterbox, Super 16 and more.

Audio Gain Control

Exert full control of your audio levels with FiLMiC Pro’s built in Audio Gain Control.

Tap for Photo

Take location stills or BTS production snaps while recording with the new Tap for Photo capability.


Compress an easily shared copy of your high resolution FiLMiC footage to achieve the best of both worlds.


New share and save options with multiple extensions such as Facebook, Dropbox, Vimeo, FTP Clients, WebDav and more.

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