Mobile Filmmaking in Hollywood

A filmmaker using FiLMiC Pro on their smartphone is only constrained by their imagination and creativity. Of course, it wasn’t long before Hollywood came calling. Check out some of the recent Hollywood productions that have utilized FiLMiC Pro to bring their vision to screens of all sizes!

The Stunt Double

Director: Damian Chazelle

Country: USA

Synopsis: A journey through cinema history reimagined for the vertical screen. Damien Chazelle’s “The Stunt Double,” flips classic genres on their side, from action movies to silent films, spy flicks to westerns, reframing and modernizing the movie magic we know and love.


Director: Steven Soderbergh

Country: USA

Synopsis: A young woman is involuntarily committed to a mental institution, where she is confronted by her greatest fear–but is it real or a product of her delusion?

Stupid Love

Director: Daniel Askill

Country: USA

Synopsis: Gaga is back! The new music video for Lady Gaga’s single, Stupid Love, shot with FiLMiC Pro on Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro.

Mythic Quest: Quarantine Episode

Director: Rob McElhenney

Country: USA

Synopsis: With world in the middle of a pandemic, Ian and the team get together via video chat. David plays Brad in Street Fighter for a wager more than money. Poppy feels lonely.

Chinese New Year – Daughter

Director: Ted Melfi

Country: China

Synopsis: Three generations of Chinese women come together during Chinese New Year celebrations.

A Good Night

Director: Mishka Kornai

Country: USA

Synopsis: Music video for John Legend’s single, A Good Night. Shot with FiLMiC Pro for Android and a variety of flagship Samsung devices.

Snow Steam Iron

Director: Zach Snyder

Country: USA

Synopsis: Action-adventure short film from Justice League and 300 director Zack Snyder


Director: Sean Baker

Country: USA

Synopsis: A remarkable story about friendship and resilience in a side of Los Angeles few people get to see.

Lose You to Love Me

Director: Sophie Muller

Country: USA

Synopsis: Music video for Selena Gomez’s single, Lose You to Love Me.


Director: Matthew A. Cherry

Country: USA

Synopsis: Oscar-winning filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry cut his teeth on 9 Rides, his shot-on-FiLMiC feature film that follows an Uber driver on New Year’s Eve, the busiest night of the year.

No Love Like Yours

Director: Olivia Wilde

Country: USA

Synopsis: Music video for Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes

Don’t Mess with Mother Earth

Director: Camp4 Collective

Country: Global

Synopsis: A series of stunning images of nature from around the world shot on an iPhone with FiLMiC Pro.

High Flying Bird

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Country: USA

Synopsis: A sports agent pitches a controversial business opportunity to a rookie basketball player during a lockout.

Three Minutes

Director: Peter Chan

Country: China

Synopsis: If your family reunion only lasts three minutes, what will you do?

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Scene Re-creation

Director: Lukas Colombo

Country: USA

Synopsis: A re-creation of a scene from Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro with FiLMiC Pro by Roy H. Wagner, ASC.

Best Years of a Life

Director: Claude Lelouch

Country: France

Synopsis: The follow-up to Lelouch’s Palme d’Or, Oscar, and Golden Globe-winning 1966 romantic drama “A Man and a Woman.”

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Director: Jimmy Fallon

Country: USA

Synopsis: A special Tonight Show episode capturing Jimmy’s adventures around NYC on the Galaxy S10+ phone with FiLMiC Pro.

The Florida Project

Director: Sean Baker

Country: USA

Synopsis: Precocious six-year-old Moonee courts mischief and adventure with her ragtag playmates. Sean Baker’s follow-up to Tangerine was shot in 35mm with the last scene being shot with an Alpha version of our FiLMiC Log for dramatic emphasis.

FiLMiC Pro Brings ProRes Capture to iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max

We are proud to bring you a world-first with the release of FiLMiC Pro v6.17: ProRes support for iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max!

Introducing Film Looks in FiLMiC Pro v6.16

FiLMiC Pro v.6.16 includes a new suite of Film Looks on iOS & Android that give you a filmic aesthetic in camera! Ideal for fast turnarounds and going straight to social with a unique look!

FiLMiC Supports Next Generation of Filmmakers at International Mobile Film Fest

We're thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the 2022 International Mobile Film Festival of San Diego! Submissions are now open via FilmFreeway! Click here to learn more and enter your film! From the press release: "S. Botello Productions™ (SBP) presents the 11th...

How To Match iPhone 12 Pro to Blackmagic, ARRI, or RED with Cinematch & FiLMiC Pro Log V3

Did you know that Cinematch — the camera matching plugin from the makers of FilmConvert — now supports FiLMiC Pro Log V3* captured on 12 series 10-bit capable iPhones? Quickly match your iPhone 12 footage shot in FiLMiC Log...

Mobile Filmmaking with Cassius Rayner – The Making of DEAD EYE

Mobile Filmmaking with Cassius Rayner returns with a brand new learning series: "The Making of DEAD EYE," a behind-the-scenes look at Cassius's latest "shot on FiLMiC Pro" short thriller, DEAD EYE! Episode 1: Gear Each...

Pro-Filmmaking Made Accessible: FiLMiC Pro and Apple VoiceOver

FiLMiC Pro’s integration with Apple VoiceOver makes FiLMiC Pro among the most accessible video apps available.

DEAD EYE: Behind the Scenes

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Note on FiLMiC Pro v6.14

FiLMiC Pro (v6.14) will remove support for the Zoom lens currently available under Settings > Camera menu on dual and tri-lens iPhones.

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