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Filmic Pro +

We’ve partnered with to integrate Filmic Pro with the Camera-to-Cloud (C2C) service, the secure cloud-based workflow that enables content creators to instantly upload video from on-set cameras to creative post-production teams anywhere in the world.

This new functionality will be added to the Filmic Pro Cinematographer Kit, which is available as an in-app purchase from Filmic. Check out the videos below to see this groundbreaking partnership in action!

Fantasia Has No Borders

You’ve never had a drink like this! Filmmakers Paul Henri and James Ballard create a hallucinatory dreamscape for a fictional beverage ad from the edge of another planet. Part Blade Runner meets ‘Suntory Times’, this is a one-minute thirst quencher you won’t want to miss.

Paul & James Behind-the-scenes

See Paul and James in action as they explore the boundaries of reality with the help of Filmic Pro and The Camera-to-Cloud integration lets them work with their VFX team half a world away in near real-time thanks to the world’s first mobile cinema camera-to-cloud solution.

Digital Nature

Filmmaker SJ van Breda shines a light on South African fashion designer Kiara Gounder, a pioneer in the digital CAD space. Kiara finds inspiration in nature and animalistic forms to create a portfolio that is at once wholly revolutionary and yet familiar.

SJ Behind-the-scenes

SJ takes you on a personal behind-the-scenes tour of her latest gorgeous documentary production and shows how she made sharing proxies of her far-flung locations a snap with Filmic Pro and the C2C platform and kept her post team tethered to the project.


London filmmaker Cassius Rayner captures a zen meditation on how the aerial acrobatics of parkour can offer a guide to healthy living.

Cassius Behind-the-Scenes

Watch and learn as Cassius gives you a peek into the process he used to create his exhilarating video from London’s urban core while keeping his off-site editor in tune with the production with the Filmic Pro to Camera-to-Cloud integration.

Filmic Pro / Integration Tutorial