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Learn how to make the most of FiLMiC mobile video and photo apps with these handy video tutorials!

Mobile Filmmaking Learning Center

“Mobile Filmmaking with Cassius Rayner” will show you how to make the most of your mobile filmmaking experience with FiLMiC Pro.


Episode 1: Manual Focus

In this first video in our new learning series, multi-award-winning iPhone cinematographer Cassius Rayner shows you how to make the most of FiLMiC Pro’s manual focus controls to achieve amazing depth-of-field.


Episode 2: Exposure

Cassius demonstrates how to get the right exposure when using FiLMiC Pro outdoors in daylight.


Episode 3: Shooting Low Light (INT.)

Cassius turns down the lights to show you how to get the right look when shooting low-light interiors with FiLMiC Pro.


Episode 4: Shooting Low Light (EXT.) 

Cassius hits the night-time streets of London to give you tips and tricks for shooting low-light exteriors with FiLMiC Pro.


Special Episode: Q&A with FiLMiC CTO Chris Cohen and Mobile Filmmaker Cassius Rayner

Watch this conversation between FiLMiC CTO, Chris Cohen, and multi-award-winning mobile filmmaker, Cassius Rayner, recorded live on November 18, 2020.


Episode 5: FiLMiC Remote 

Cassius takes you on-location with FiLMiC Remote and shows you how to take wireless control of your FiLMiC Pro experience by pulling your spare devices into the production process!


Episode 6: Interviews

In this episode, Cassius covers best practices for capturing great interviews with FiLMiC Pro. Dive into this extended episode to learn the ins and outs of nailing your next interview.


Episode 7: Filming with a Gimbal

Learn how to make your tracking shots smooth as butter with these best practices, tips, and tricks for using FiLMiC Pro with a gimbal in this episode.


Episode 8: Filming On Location

Cassius takes you ON LOCATION with FiLMiC Pro and shows you how to use FiLMiC Pro to strike the perfect balance between natural and artificial light to get the best footage possible for your next on-location production.


Episode 9: Slow Motion

Learn how to shoot cinematic slow-motion footage with FiLMiC Pro in Episode 9 of “Mobile Filmmaking with Cassius Rayner.”


Episode 10: Camera Angles

Episode 10 of “Mobile Filmmaking with Cassius Rayner” is all about camera angles! Cassius shows you best practices and key camera angles for shooting a sequence with your smartphone and FiLMiC Pro!


Episode 11: Shooting with an iPhone 8+

Think you need the latest technology to make professional-looking content? Award-winning mobile filmmaker Cassius Rayner will make you think again in this episode when he goes old-school to show you how to get the most out of your iPhone 8+ with FiLMiC Pro in Episode 11 of “Mobile Filmmaking with Cassius Rayner!”


Episode 12: iPhone 12 Pro Max with 10-bit LOG Capture 

Award-winning mobile filmmaker Cassius Rayner gives you the inside scoop on shooting with the iPhone 12 Pro Max with FiLMiC Pro 10-bit LOG capture AND using the new deLOG V3 LUT to get the most from your post-production color grade in Episode 12 of “Mobile Filmmaking with Cassius Rayner!”

FiLMiC Pro Tutorials

LogV2 Tutorial

10-Bit SDR LogV3 Tutorial

FiLMiC Firstlight Tutorial

FiLMiC DoubleTake Tutorial

Mobile Creator Summit

Watch all four weeks of our 2020 Mobile Creator Summit featuring some of the biggest names in mobile video and photography sharing their insights, tips, and tricks to help elevate your content. Click below to watch the full series and click the individual presenter images below to access their highlights.