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Filmic DoubleTake

Version 2.0

DoubleTake was designed for recording multiple fields of view during live events, concerts, or any situation that requires more than one perspective to capture the moment.

Filmic DoubleTake Features

Discrete Mode (Shot/Reverse Shot)

Shoot two full size 1080p images with the front and rear cameras. Works in landscape 16:9 or vertical 9:16. Instant A/B tracks for quick edits Capture all the organic and intimate interaction between two actors or an interviewer and their subject.

  • Instructor and student
  • Vlogger and product
  • Traveler and locale
  • The possibilities are endless…

Discrete Mode (Varied rear lenses)

Discrete Mode also allows you to record with any two available rear cameras at the same time. You can move this PiP around the screen, tap to expand, or swipe it away if it’s distracting, the second video will continue to record.

  • Twice the coverage or half the time.
  • Matching wide, tele, and ultra-wide shots on the iPhone 11 Pro
  • Sync sound, matching white balance and color fidelity

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Composite Mode

PiP works with front and rear or multiple rear lenses. Picture in picture animates in real time:

  • Moveable around screen
  • Built in anchor points
  • Swipe off screen
  • Tap arrow to return
  • Edit your composite in real time

DoubleTake + Filmic Pro in NYC

Filmmaker Cassius Rayner Hits the Streets of NYC with DoubleTake & Filmic Pro

Watch this video to see how multi-award winning UK-based mobile filmmaker Cassius Rayner combines our apps DoubleTake and Filmic Pro to create a visually captivating and poetic look at the streets of New York City.

Filmic DoubleTake Tutorial


Video Specs:

  • Full frame focus and exposure
  • Selectable broadcast frame rates: 24fps, 25fps, and 30fps
  • 1080p video at high bitrate encoding for maximum quality.

(Note: 1080p video is the maximum resolution supported by the Apple API for multi-cam capture).

Filmic Pro Brings ProRes Capture to iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max

We are proud to bring you a world-first with the release of FiLMiC Pro v6.17: ProRes support for iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max!


Introducing Film Looks in Filmic Pro v6.16

FiLMiC Pro v.6.16 includes a new suite of Film Looks on iOS & Android that give you a filmic aesthetic in camera! Ideal for fast turnarounds and going straight to social with a unique look!


Filmic Supports Next Generation of Filmmakers at International Mobile Film Fest

We're thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the 2022 International Mobile Film Festival of San Diego! Submissions are now open via FilmFreeway! Click here to learn more and enter your film! From the press release: "S. Botello Productions™...

Pro-Filmmaking Made Accessible: Filmic Pro and Apple VoiceOver

FiLMiC Pro’s integration with Apple VoiceOver makes FiLMiC Pro among the most accessible video apps available.


Note on Filmic Pro v6.14

FiLMiC Pro (v6.14) will remove support for the Zoom lens currently available under Settings > Camera menu on dual and tri-lens iPhones.


DoubleTake: Past, Present & Future

To better achieve development and design goals, a product must be focused. We are not in the business of making Swiss Army Knives.


Filmic Inc Awarded Patent for Development of High-Efficiency Image Remapping Technology

FiLMiC Cubiform technology generates real-time color look-up tables for images with minimal GPU or CPU utilization.


iPhone on Elm Street with Filmic Pro

Roy Wagner, ASC, re-created a scene from the horror film "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors" on the iPhone 11 Pro using Filmic Pro! Check out the two videos below to see how it turned out. Spoiler alert: it looks great! Freddy...

Filmic Pro’s Garret Gue On Tour with Filmic Firstlight

Photo credit: David Franklin Did you know that Garrett Gue, Filmic’s Quality Support Engineer, also plays bass in the Seattle band Deep Sea Diver? And that he just returned to Seattle following a successful tour opening for indie rock legends WILCO? Lucky for us,...

"While Filmic Pro is probably the best video app on the iPhone, DoubleTake is probably the most innovative."

—Inc. Magazine

"DoubleTake is extremely quick and polished."

The Verge

"DoubleTake unlocks Apple’s awesome multi-cam mode for the iPhone 11."



"DoubleTake is powerful, simple, dope."



"5 stars! I love this, it’s so perfect!"



"The quality is amazing and the app is easy to use. "



"Immediately lives up to Filmic Pro’s standard."