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Empowering the next generation

Our Mission

To make Filmic Pro accessible to every teacher and student in every setting, from elementary schools to universities, from NGOs to mobile journalists and beyond.

The next generation holds the power to reshape our world, offering new perspectives and innovative solutions to the intractable problems we face. With the right tools, they have the potential to tell stories that spark meaningful change, challenge conventional wisdom, and inspire collective action.


Filmic Pro Education Program

  • 50% off an annual subscription redeemable through student managed codes.
  • Volume license purchase now available with introductory discounts for bulk purchases.
  • Coming soon: exclusive educational content for students and teachers, plus opportunities for community building.

Educators and students, get started learning Filmic Pro V7, from settings and user interface to log and custom LUTs, in this series of six free masterclass lessons. 

Lesson One: The Interface

Lesson Two: Settings

Lesson Three: Focus & Exposure Modes

Lesson Four: Live Analytics

Lesson Five: White Balance

Lesson Six: Film Looks, Log, and LUTs

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To make Filmic Pro available in your classroom or for more information, please complete the form below. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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In every production class, I start with smartphone filmmaking and Filmic Pro. The phone is the first tool in our filmmaking toolbox. As a documentary filmmaker, I love that my first tool is always with me.

—Prof. Larry Engel
Director, Film and Media Arts Division, American University