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Filmic Pro

Film Looks

Filmic Pro now offers real-time film looks which are available via optional in-app purchase under the Imaging Panel. Film looks are inspired by classic film stocks mixed with the look and feel of iconic films for a unique live-capture experience.

Film Looks are applied in real-time giving you access to looks that are inspired by classic film stocks mixed with the look and feel of iconic films shot on them, for a unique live capture experience that stands apart from the generic look of smartphone video. 

Think of Film Looks as being akin to choosing a film stock. You get a unique filmic aesthetic in-camera at time of capture, without the need for heavy grading post workflows to arrive at a finished look. Perfect for fast turnarounds and going directly to social.

Filmic Pro offers 4 film packs each containing 4 unique looks available as an optional in-app purchase under the Imaging Panel.

The Infrared Pack


Empire chanels the aesthetic of InfraChrome but moderates foliage saturation in order to preserve detail.


    Claret is a false-color simulation that subtly embraces the color palette of the Kodak Aerochrome film stock. Diverging somewhat from Aerochrome, Claret shifts green and blue hues while keeping saturation perceptually normal.


    Inanna is a false-color filter intended to invoke the aesthetic of modern digital cameras whose color filter array has been modified to allow the sensor substrate to record light in the 1,300 to 3,000 nanometer wavelength.


      Corsica playfully hybridizes elements of Lomochrome Purple and Turquoise to create an IR false color palette that selectively desaturates ochres and paints the sky in vibrant shades of teal.

      The Adamant Pack


      Atlas is an interpretation of the Kodak Vision3 50D that has a digital saturation boost. It delivers warm greens and saturated flesh tones that make this Look appropriate for outdoor scenes lit with natural light.


        Fitz is an amalgamation of orange and teal looks, designed to accentuate skin tones and blue skies.


        Steam is based upon Eastman EXR 200T / Bleach bypass process. This Look is globally desaturated save for the upper mid-tones and flesh. This filter is appropriate for somber or intense scenes.


          Miami is inspired by Kodak Vision 2383 that has been heavily graded for a teal and orange look.

          The Charcoal Pack


          Laszlo is inspired by panchromatic B&W film w/ an orange filter. This moderate contrast monochrome film simulation renders skintones in a pleasing way while darkening blues. This is a versatile panchromatic look for people, architecture, and landscapes.


          Puffin is inspired by panchromatic B&W film with a yellow filter. Puffin is a low contast film that employs a warm celluloide substrate. This is simualtion is designed to render a wide variety of skintones in a pleasing manner.


          Vernanzo is based on panchromatic B&W film with a deep red filter. This high contrast film simulation employs a subtle ochre substrate. Blues are rendered a deep obsidian. Magentas, reds, and yellows are flattened into a subtle gradient range.


          Pharos is based on panchromatic B&W film with a red filter. This moderate-to-high contrast film simulation deepens shadows and adds luster to highlights. A cobalt celluloide color-cast contributes to an aesthetic well suited to evening and nocturnal scenes.

            The Novus Pack


            Dreams is based on Velvia film stock. This high-contrast film darkens blues and purples. It emparts an intense vibrancy to cyan, magenta and green.


            Delphi is inspired by Kodak Vision3 500T. Delphi render the scene with cooler tones and parchment skintones.

            Bel Air

            Bel Air is based on Kodak Vision3 500T that has been slightly overexposed. This is a well balanced film that renders saturated, natural skintones.


            Richmond is inspired by Kodak Kodachrom 16mm Cine film. It delivers old school retro vibe with raised shadows and smooth skin tones.