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FiLMiC Pro Video App | Tips and Tricks

Mobile Gear

Gear that will take your mobile footage to the next level.

Cases, Audio, Lenses, Sliders, Tripods, Accessories and Music

FilMiC Pro Video Gear | Cases for iPhone iPad


Check out all the different cases and stabilizer’s for the iPhone and iPad

FiLMiC Pro Video gear | Lenses for iPhones and iPads


Choose from a range of telephoto, wide angle, macro and fisheye lenses

FiLMiC Pro Video Gear | Audio for iPhones iPads


So many audio options like shotgun and lavalier mics for the iPhone and iPad

FiLMiC Pro Video Gear |Tripods and Stabilizers


Stabilization is key for good footage and the options come in all sizes

FiLMiC Pro Video Gear | Sliders for iPhone and iPad


Create cool shots with different slider options for your iPad or iPhone

FiLMiC Pro Video Gear | Accessories for iPhone and iPad


Lights, remote controls, memory options and licensed music for your movies

User Manual

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Click the box the check out the full FiLMiC Pro User Manual.

FiLMiC Pro Video App | User Manual


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