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  1. What drew you to the story and compelled you to make the film? I made this film because we often neglect the beauty of our surroundings, therefore, we need an outer perspective to help people be more conscious and aware of how beautiful our surroundings are even the little things we might not even find discernible.
  2. What prompted you to make the decision to shoot your film with Filmic Pro on a smartphone instead of a traditional camera, and was this your first experience using our app? In recent years, the trend of making films on smartphones has been growing at an alarming rate. The cutting-edge technology and ease of operation are the key factors in the prevalence of shooting videos on smartphones. But most people aren’t putting much effort into getting the most out of their smartphones. If I can prove that I’m capable of making lasting impactful films with just a smartphone in conjunction with some techniques developed overtime – What could be people’s excuse when it comes to making films on the device that fits right in their pockets? 
  3. Describe the experience of shooting your short film with mobile devices and Filmic Pro? The experience was phenomenal how everything can be simply done at my fingertips. Shooting with a smartphone really cuts down on how much time and energy consumed in the matter of gears in general
  4. What is your next project? I’m planning to shoot my next travel film in New York City in 2020 and hope to bring yet another epic mobile film to the world.
Taipei City
Jacky Chang

Twitter: @jjackychangg // Instagram: @jjackychangg