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The next version of Filmic Pro due in the coming weeks (v6.14.) will remove support for the Zoom lens currently available under the Settings > Camera menu on dual and tri-lens iPhones.

The zoom lens API from Apple allows automatic switching between lenses while zooming, but only under certain lighting conditions which we have no control over (at times it will only apply digital zoom with no lens switching actually taking place), and it also prohibits the use of the manual controls Filmic Pro is known for. As this lens can lead to confusion (why aren’t manual controls available?) and result in inferior image quality when only digital zoom is employed, we have decided to remove support for it in Filmic Pro.

If you rely on the Zoom lens as part of your current production, please disable auto-updates under iOS Settings on your device and do not upgrade to 6.14.0 until after your production is complete.

If you have further questions, please email our support team at