Did you know that Cinematch — the camera matching plugin from the makers of FilmConvert — now supports FiLMiC Pro Log V3* captured on 12 series 10-bit capable iPhones?

Quickly match your iPhone 12 footage shot in FiLMiC Log V3 to cameras from Blackmagic, ARRI, RED, Sony, and Fujifilm – in just a few clicks! And beyond camera matching, this opens up the amazing ability to access the legendary color science from the likes of ARRI and Fujifilm for footage shot on iPhone with FiLMiC Pro and LogV3!

In this tutorial you will learn not only what is possible when using Cinematch (Davinci Resolve or Premiere Pro) and FiLMiC Log V3, but how to use Cinematch in Davinci Resolve. You can download a free Cinematch trial here to follow along and start camera matching: https://www.cinematch.com

The ONE LUT featured by James Ballard for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K cameras is available here: https://www.j-ballard.com/luts

* Log V3 is part of the FiLMiC CineKit and is available as an optional in-app purchase in FiLMiC Pro on 10-bit capable 12 series iPhones only.