Quarantine-shot short film DEATHBRINGER

1) What inspired you to make your quarantine-shot short film DEATHBRINGER? For me, it was really about staying in the work and remaining creative during the lockdown. I was invited to be a part of a quarantine film competition and decided to make a condensed ten-minute version of a feature script that my team and I […]

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EX-CON: REDEMPTION // New feature film shot with FiLMiC Pro

1) What drew you to the story and compelled you to make your film? I was fascinated by the mumblecore movement in American indie film scene – the raw, DYI, micro-budget approach, and improvised dialogues. Forming the impression that this movement is primarily dominated by quirky romantic comedies, I figured it would be interesting to try […]

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Roger Corman Quarantine Film Fest Winning Film Shot with FiLMiC Pro

Congratulations to filmmaker Sebastien Liebus on taking home the first (and hopefully only!) “Golden Mask” grand prize at the Corman Quarantine Film Festival! We reached out to Sebastien to learn more about his film and how he made FiLMiC Pro an integral part of his process. 1) What drew you to the story and compelled […]

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#FiLMiCFest Director Profile: Cíntia Taylor

Read more from filmmaker Cíntia Taylor on the making of her FiLMiCFest experimental category-winning short film IF ONLY NOTHINGNESS WAS A THING.

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A Perfectly Healthy Situation

#FiLMiCFest Director Profile: Jon Gill

Read more from filmmaker Jon Gill on the making of his FiLMiCFest travel category-winning short film A PERFECTLY HEALTHY SITUATION.

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