Director: Ariel Julia Hairston
Runtime: 2:11 minutes
Country: United States
Synopsis: From tranquility to trouble, a young man’s life turns upside down in a matter of hours.

A Perfectly Healthy Situation

Director: Jon Gill
Runtime: 5:00 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Synopsis: A digital film about 35mm celluloid. A thing of the past or something to be treasured?


Director: Chua Soi Chin
Runtime: 3:26 minutes
Country: Singapore
Synopsis: A young woman reimagines her daily stroll as an adventure that awakens her senses.

Clean-up Crusader

Director: Philip Bromwell
Runtime: 2:23 minutes
Country: Ireland
Synopsis: Meet the Irishman who cleans his local beaches every day at sunrise. Seán Ferguson removes marine litter from the shoreline each morning because “nature is screaming out for our help.”

The Letter of GLENN

Director: Christopher Sulapas Angco
Runtime: 5:00 minutes
Country: Philippines
Synopsis: There is a kid named Glenn who struggles every day to survive. Living alone and without his mother who has passed away, he writes a letter to her as a way to fight his loneliness.

Bags of Hope

Director: Jimmy Beattie
Runtime: 1:36 minutes
Country: Ireland
Synopsis: A man in Dublin repairs sleeping bags for homeless people.