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FiLMiC Pro

Version 6.13 

FiLMiC Pro v6.13 elevates the Mobile Cinematography experience for filmmakers with full support for 10-bit SDR on iPhone 12 series and select Android mobile devices.

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Elevating the Mobile Cinematography Experience

10-Bit SDR and LogV3

FiLMiC Pro unleashes the maximum dynamic range of your mobile device with 10-bit SDR capture capability and a new LogV3 gamma profile that enables the ultimate color grading experience for filmmakers. With the most 10-bit options available to filmmakers, FiLMiC Pro is the ideal Mobile Cinema Camera app for your devices.

FiLMiC Pro Essentials

Premium Audio Controls

Getting good audio is “half the picture,” and with FiLMiC Pro you can record in maximum mobile fidelity with our class-leading audiometer, headphone monitoring, and stereo external microphone support.

Auto Mode

For fast-moving shots on the go, FiLMiC Pro has an ultra-responsive Auto Mode with center-weighted focus and full-frame exposure sampling.

Redesigned Reticles

If simplicity is your thing, the redesigned reticles allow for tactical drag, drop focus, and exposure control.


Whether you’re going to the big screen or millions of smaller screens online, if you care enough to color grade to get the look you want, then FiLMiC’s Extreme Bitrate feature gives you up to 140Mbps of data-rich footage that will hold up to the rigors of color correction.

Aspect Ratios

Shoot in landscape or portrait, square, 4:3, widescreen, super widescreen, and more for the perfect aspect ratio to tell your story, however intimate or epic in scale.


FiLMiC Pro supports all of the class-leading gimbals including the DJI Osmo Mobile 1, 2, and 3, as well as the new OM 4; the Zhiyun Smooth 4; and the FreeFly Movi Cinema Robot.

FiLMiC Pro Advanced Features

Manual Arcs

Professional-grade manual arcs give you precise control over the full range of your image, allowing you to pull focus like a Hollywood pro, as well as perform variable speed zoom moves for maximum creative control.

Imaging Panel

Control the whole look and feel of your film with granular control of white balance, isolated temperature & tint controls, and a host of easy presets for all of the most common shooting environments.

Focus Peaking

Nailing focus can be difficult on a smartphone due to small screens and often challenging lighting environments. FiLMiC Pro’s Focus Peaking live analytic takes all the guesswork out of where to find your area of critical focus.


Whatever your favorite animal, zebra (or tiger) stripes are the industry standard for quick and responsive exposure analytic for assessing IRE values.

Frame Rate

FiLMiC Pro shoots at a default 24 progressive frames-per-second for a true, cinematic look and feel to your footage. FiLMiC Pro also allows a user to shoot anywhere between 1 and 240 frames-per-second, with an infinite number of combinations for precise and unique slow/fast motion effect shots.

Manual Lens Array

FiLMiC Pro treats each of your available lenses like a premium prime lens with full control over each.

FiLMiC Pro Professional Features


The next step in the evolution of becoming a master mobile shooter is tapping into the power of Flat and LOG gamma curves for more latitude, better skin tones, and 1 to 2.5 stops of extra dynamic range.

Clean HDMI Out

FiLMiC Pro’s most recent 6.12 update offers streamers a great new high-definition webcam to add to their livestreaming studio.

Anamorphic Lens Support

Shoot widescreen anamorphic with support for both 1.33x and 1.55x anamorphic lenses from all your favorite vendors. Desqueeze in-app or preview only and de-squeeze in your preferred NLE.


Pro shooters will love FiLMiC Pro’s luminance and RGB Histograms as well as a RGB Waveform monitor for getting a detailed view of their composition.

False Color

False color maps give the user a pixel-by-pixel assessment of the exposure value of their entire image. With green being good, and red & blue indicating areas of bright or clipped dark exposure zones.

RGB Config

Create your own expressive look with full control over the Red, Green, and Blue color channels.

FiLMiC Pro + FiLMiC Remote

Control Mode

Control Mode gives you a clone of the FiLMiC Pro interface on your wireless device so you can control focus, exposure, white balance, record operations, and live analytics from your Remote device.

Monitor Mode

Monitor Mode gives you access to a whole range of professional-grade analytic tools including waveform monitor, vectorscope, and four selectable histograms: luminance, zone, RGB channel, RGB composite, as well as a video preview so you never lose sight of your subject.

Director Mode

Director Mode offers a clean video out for the director, producers, crew, or client to watch the scene unfold without the distractions of the camera interface.

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FiLMiC Pro Suite

FiLMiC Pro CineKit mobile filmmaking


Dynamic Range with LogV2/V3

Transforms the latest 8-bit and 10-bit devices into the ultimate cinema camera.


deFLAT and deLOG LUT pack 

Maximize dynamic range for unparalleled control in post-production color grading.

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FiLMiC Remote

Powerful trimodal control

Wireless controls, live analytics, and video monitoring for your iOS device.

FiLMiC Inc Awarded Patent for Development of High-Efficiency Image Remapping Technology

FiLMiC Cubiform technology generates real-time color look-up tables for images with minimal GPU or CPU utilization.

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